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Thursday 27 April 2017.

Larry Houston

15. Larry at one time believed he was a homosexual. Today Larry seeks affirmation and validation as he chooses to self-identify as a former homosexual.

16. There are multiple pathways that may lead one to pursuing homosexuality, homosexual behavior. For Larry, it was early sexual exploration with another early adolescent boy his same age.

17. This led me to believe the lie of homosexuality that through physical sexual acts with other males I could meet a legitimate need for intimacy in same-sex relationships. But homosexuality is an illegitimate attempt to meet the legitimate need for intimacy in same-sex relationships. Intimacy is more than physical sexual acts. Homosexuality is a relationship issue.

18. Likewise, there are multiple pathways one may pursue to overcoming homosexuality, homosexual behavior.

19. One day I told six friends about my struggle with homosexuality, homosexual behavior. I spoke to them individually and each one did not know I was speaking to the others about my struggle with homosexuality. The first words each one of them shared with me after I told them of my struggle with homosexuality was word for word the same.

20. It was surreal and unbelievable. They all responded by saying, Larry I know you have a problem, Larry you are not a homosexual.

21. There was no miraculous change in my life that day, but what occurred was the beginning of a change in my perception and what I believed about myself. Larry is not a homosexual.

22. I began to understand and resolve the real issue that was causing the problems in my life. This issue was trying to resolve my legitimate need for same-sex intimacy and healthy same-sex relationships, illegitimately through homosexuality, homosexual behavior.

23. Additional information of my overcoming homosexuality may be read on www.banap.net, in the section Larry’s Story, an article titled Larry’s Story.”

24. Larry has faced discrimination as a former homosexual. He came under investigation by three departments of Harvard University where he is employed in Dining Services.

25. The investigations arose after a Harvard student wrote an article for the Harvard Crimson’s Fifteen Minutes (The Weekend Magazine of the Harvard Crimson) in the September 27, 2001 edition. The article titled Can This Man Make You Straight? may be read on the internet at www.thecrimson.com/article.aspx?ref=121324.

26. The three Harvard University departments conducting the investigations Dining Services, the Freshman Dean’s Office, and the United Ministry Office never contacted me, Larry, as a part of the investigations.

27. Three additional articles of the investigations published by The Harvard Crimson may read on the internet at



28. Of particular interest is the investigation by The United Ministries Department that oversees the Christian student groups at Harvard University. The United Ministry Department includes those who self-identify as gay and lesbian, who are staff and faculty of Harvard University, and who are pastors of Memorial Chapel the Harvard University church.

29. I was never contacted by the United Ministries Department as part of their investigation of myself, but I had previously met these gay and lesbian members of the United Ministries Department, who are pastors at Harvard Memorial Church. In February and March of 2000 they spoke to a discussion group as a part of a five-week series of discussions on being gay and being a Christian, which was led by two Harvard University seniors. I took an active part in the discussions and with talking to other participants immediately after the discussions each week.

30. I spoke as an individual who self-identified as a former homosexual, and shared my story of overcoming homosexuality.

31. I also personally introduced myself, including shaking hands, to the gay and lesbian leaders of the United Ministry Department after they had spoken to the discussion group.

32. So, from the beginning of my employment at Harvard University Dining Services in January of 2000 the gay and lesbian members of Harvard University (staff and students) were aware of the presence at Harvard University of an individual who self-identified as a former homosexual.

33. But still I came under investigation by three departments of Harvard University after a September 27, 2002 article by a Harvard University student in a Harvard University campus newspaper.

34. The investigations have appeared to come to a close, although no Harvard University official has ever contacted me. The following comments were reported in a November 20, 2001 article in The Harvard Crimson titled, University Officials Break Silence on Ex-Gay Employee.

35. Both Harvard officials - Robert W. Iuliano, deputy general counsel, and Elizabeth Studley Ibby Nathans, dean of freshman - emphasized Harvard’s protection of free speech and suggested that the University may not take any action against Houston.

36. Of importance is that this legal challenge to Goodridge is being filed after the Massachusetts Legislature has held two consecutive annual sessions.

37. In each annual session, the Legislature has held Constitutional Conventions, specifically to take legislative action relative to same-sex (gay) marriage.

38. In October of 2003, I began lobbying the members of the Massachusetts Legislature and continued throughout these two annual sessions.

39. Additional information that was presented to the members of the Massachusetts Legislature may be read on www.banap.net in the section Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts.

40. Beginning in April of 2005 through September of 2005 I presented information to all 200 offices of the Massachusetts Legislature on a weekly basis, except for the five-week period I was in the Ukraine and two other weeks.

41. These 13 articles have dates included in their titles.

42. A database with the names of the individual legislators was set up. Then in a mail merge, these names were placed at the top of each handout. The handouts I delivered to each office.

43. I lobbied in 2005 supporting the Travalini-Lees Amendment, which was not successfully voted for approval during the September 2005 Constitutional Convention.

44. This amendment, through civil unions for same-sex couple granted to them all the Massachusetts rights and benefits granted to married heterosexual couples.

45. It must be remembered whatever action a state shall take, whether by marriage or civil unions for same-sex couples, according to federal mandate marriage is defined as a relationship between one man and one woman (Defense of Marriage Act, 1996), thereby for federal recording purposes same-sex couples have second class status.

46. This includes but is not limited to federal tax codes.

47. The Federal Defense of Marriage Act also allows other states the possibility of not recognizing same-sex marriages performed in another state.

48. By Massachusetts’ law same-sex couples that are not citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are not legally eligible for marriage in Massachusetts.

49. The reality of allowing same-sex marriage by judicial decree in Massachusetts has created many challenges for same-sex couples.

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